Making Memories

Making Memories

Things To Do With A Toddler On The Weekends In Cape Town


Since losing Darrell I have found the weekends long. The weeks can just race past but come the weekend and everyone is busy with their own families and we are often at a loss on what to do with ourselves. So I have made the decision to make our own happy memories! And who better to do that with than my Elijah.

So this weekend we tried out two fun, Cape Town activities that are new to us. The first was a trip to the Bike Park in Contantia, literally a 5 minute drive from us. I had been hesitating about taking Elijah as I presumed he was too young but he coped so well. The track is for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. Of course my little Elijah had to drop his balance bike at all the advanced jumps and tear up the hill on foot with me screaming up behind him shouting for him to come down. But of course such is life when you have a two and a half year old boy around. I must confess I did put on my sports watch before I left home and worked up quite a bit of a workout on it. Score for me.



The entry fee is R65 per day(no charge for bystanders) or you can buy a yearly card. And of course it is right next to my favorite favorite Open Door. Such an awesome playground and equally good restaurant, so be sure to stop of there for a relaxing cup of delicious coffee while your tot plays in the contained play area after your bike riding.



Next up, we visited the Clay Cafe in Hout Bay. I am not sure why we haven’t been before. You purchase an unfired bowl or cup or plate etc, paint it and then fire it. What fun! But heads up that you will have to come back to fetch it in the week, once it has been fired. It is situated in such a beautiful part of Hout Bay and there is a huge enclosed(I have an escapee) garden for the kids to play in. The ice cream is homemade, the chips are the best in Cape Town and the coffee is by Truth Coffee. You can not go wrong. For slightly older kids there are huge trampolines to play on. Elijah was too enthralled by the small stream running through the garden to realize that he was missing out on the trampolines due to his age.  When it was time to leave, Elijah was sopping wet and begging me to stay a bit so he could play longer. I might have had to bribe him a little bit to get him to leave.




Both are definitely places that we shall become regulars at and I can not believe it has taken us so long to visit. We definitely made some supurb Sunshine Journey memories this weekend.

Have a lovely week.






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