Two Moms, Two Friends, Two Boys, Two Blogs

Two Moms, Two Friends, Two Boys, Two Blogs

As some of you might now I started blogging occasionally on the lovely Lisa, from blog. And now quite a few of you are wondering if something happened for that little “partnership” to end. In actual fact it is the total opposite! We are just evolving. There are absolutely no hard feelings, in fact just love ones! We have become such good friends and of course our little boys are just inseparable.


I really wanted to start a blog. I have a voice and a message that I would like to get across as well as the fact that I love writing. And talking, as some of you can attest to! BUT I was really nervous. Nervous of being scutiniesed, not being good enough and no one wanting to read what I wrote. So when Lisa suggested that I help out on hers, I jumped at the chance. But I actually soon found out that I doing it so much for myself and  not really caring if no one reads it, as writing and photography (and of course my muse Elijah) are what is helping me along on this journey. This is definitely my therapy. Lisa is so wise and of course so knowledgeable about blogs that I am immensely grateful to her for sharing all she knows with me. And also now for giving me a push when I needed it. SO, THANK YOU SO MUCH LISA!



Lisa and I sat down(obviously over some delicious coffee) and decided that it is probably time for me to be brave enough to go out on my own. A blog is such a personal thing that it does not really work with two people in it. Not because there was fighting or competition but we just both have very individual voices that we want heard. And me being a grown up and all that, that I should really branch out on my own.



But do not worry if you like seeing us hang out and watching our little boys having such a magical time together, as we are still great friends, live up the road from one another and our boys have such a lovely time in each others company. And when they are apart they both ask for the other. In fact ,Lisa, the boys and I have plans for after nap time today. We are off to find fantastic donuts as it is International Donut Day Today! Plus we have many exciting upcoming projects  and collaborations together! So keep an eye on both our blogs and our Instagram accounts and see what we shall be getting up to.






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  1. Teri-Jane

    So glad you chose to start your blog 🙂

    1. Angela Rea

      Thank you so much! You have been such a help to me. I appreciate it so much. Big love to you. Xxx

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